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What is Mobile App Data?

Mobile App Data provides the information related to the application or app, which runs on a mobile device. It includes the mobile app description, users, number of downloads, review & ratings of the app, number of installs, daily users, and much more information. Mobile App Data tracks the real-time statistical information of the unique users of mobile apps.
All the mobile application owners are focused on the mobile audience only, so they need the mobile app data for the analysis of various aspects of the app. Through this analysis, they can observe their app market and the market trend and can make a creative decision for their app growth.
Every day, new mobile applications are coming into the market. Most of the users use eCommerce and social media daily so the app owner has to bring some new tricks, which attract their customers. For this purpose, they need mobile app data to analyze app market trends. With our real-time and updated data service, you can gain your business growth.

Subcategories of Mobile App Data:

  • App Download Data
  • App Industry Data
  • App Install Data
  • App Market Data
  • App Revenue Data
  • App Store Data
  • App Usage Data
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What are the Most Common Types of Mobile App Data?

App Download Data

App Download Data refers to the app downloading information such as numbers of app downloaders, the number of apps downloaded on a particular device, historical app download data, and other information. This data is used by businesses to review the app’s download number to compare with other competitive apps so they can measure their app growth rate.

App Industry Data

App Industry Data refers to the information of all aspects relating to the application such as app developers, app users, app store, etc. With this data, businesses can examine famous apps to compete in the app market. There are all types of apps data available along with their descriptions, and other information in this data.

App Install Data

App Install Data provides information on how many people have to download the particular app. This data is used by businesses for marketing efforts that drive them to digital ads. It is also used to measure website traffic and measure app success by the number of install counts. It includes average daily active users, stickiness, conversation rates, retention, and purchase information.

App Market Data

App Market Data provides all information about the app and app market trends. In this data, packages, categories, downloads, app title, retention rate, price, daily/ monthly active users, and similar app information are included. Businesses can use it to get to know the market competition and their app’s market position.

App Revenue Data

App Revenue Data provides the statistical information of revenue figures of a particular app. It covers all revenue generation data. All apps display their revenue figures with its description. It is used to know about top revenue apps. It includes app purchase revenue, app advertising revenue, and subscription information in the app store.

App Store Data

App Store Data is the information of the performance of mobile apps. It is used by business owners and investors to track competitor performance and reaching investment opportunities. Developers can improve their mobile app performance across app stores and grow their app’s visibility by analyzing app store data. In this data app downloads, installs, ranking charts, and user review information are included.

App Usage Data

App Usage Data gives us information on how people are downloading and using any app. It includes information about general using apps, installs, time, and interactions. It is used by app developers to know their app’s performance and consumer’s preferences on different types of apps so they can develop apps as per consumer demand or include new features in the existing app.
How to Use Mobile App Data?

Example of the Most Common Use Cases for Mobile App Data

Businesses can use mobile data for their business growth and they can generate revenue from it. Mobile App Data can help to analyze customer’s behavior on any particular app and give deep insight into customer’s purchasing preferences and other behavior. This data is used by businesses to compete for their customers.
It is the list of all information regarding mobile apps such as app name, reviews, ratings, users, and other information. This information also helps customers to choose the best app for download. Many users are not using the app after some time, so this data gives information about those types of customers, so with help of this data, owners of the app can enhance targeted audience engagement for improved customer retention.
This data is also used for mobile monetization that includes mobile type, screen, user, IP address, country, RAM/ROM, and much more information. Mobile app data used by businesses to boost ads based on users’ responses and for deriving analytics that prepare them to deliver an improved customer experience. It also helps to brand new applications with new features.
Examples of Mobile App Data Attributes

Typical Mobile App Data Attributes:

In Mobile App Data, there are many attributes available. This data has updated information about a particular app. Mobile app data is helpful to categorize apps as per their performance, features, ratings, and based on other aspects. It becomes easy to compare historical app data with present data, comparison between apps, and measure performance by using mobile app data. This data is used as a learning tool to deploy various estimation models that let us accurately estimate app performance.

Similar Data Types

  • Environmental Data
  • B2B Data
  • Energy Data
  • Real Estate Data
  • Geospatial Data

Most Common Use Cases For Mobile App Data:

  • App Intelligence
  • Mobile Analytics
  • Mobile App Analytics
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