Best B2b Datasets

What is B2b Data?

B2B is known as Business to Business. It’s also known as e-biz. B2B Data provides the firmographic information related to the Business to Business interactions. It is the transaction form of exchange between businesses. B2B DataBase is used by marketers and sales teams to enhance their sales and gain profit.
B2B Data helps large companies to take informational advantages over small businesses. Sophisticated B2B Data will help to identify new sales and give the opportunity to get in touch with them. It only contains accurate data and relative data, so it is time-saving information.
A right B2B database is an essential tool for businesses to achieve better customer engagement. But manually collecting all data is not easy because it takes a lot of time and effort. 

Subcategories of B2B Data:

  • B2B Contact Data
  • B2B Intent Data
  • B2B Leads Data
  • B2B Marketing Data
  • Business Listing Data
  • Business Ownership Data
  • Company Data
  • Company Registry Data
  • Firmographic Data
  • Job Posting Data
  • Private Company Data
  • Salary Data
  • Technographic Data
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Best B2B Data Providers

What are the Most Common Types of B2B Data?

B2B Contact Data

B2B Contact Data provides the contact details of decision-makers in companies. B2B Data includes phone numbers, email addresses, and other social media contacts of the business person. It is mostly used by the marketers and sales team. This data is helpful for lead enrichments and account-based marketing.

B2B Intent Data

B2B Data refers to the information of that products and services, which clients are searching online. B2B data is also known as buyer data, aka B2B intent data. It collects the intent of buyers or particular groups of buyer's information. It is used by businesses for higher sales and effective marketing. It is collected from a range of digital sources.

B2B Leads Data

B2B Leads Data provides the information of the company's potential customers. It is used by marketers and sales teams. The customers can be categorized as their behavior of using products and services. B2B Leads Data helps to get opportunities for targeting sales by engaging with the right clients.

B2B Marketing Data

B2B Marketing Data refers to the information for effectively marketing products to businesses and organizations. It is mostly used by marketers and sales teams for account-based marketing. B2B Marketing Data used for making strategies and boost sales.

Business Listing Data

Business Listing Data refers to all information related to the business such as business name, address, contact number, operation hours, website. This data gathered for the making online visibility of any business. Marketers reach out to the new company and create contacts and potential leads.

Business Ownership Data

Business Ownership Data refers to all information about who owns a business and the business owner's personal details also such as name, age, office address, business description. It is used by companies. It is used for identifying investment opportunities and determining developments of ownership trends.

Company Data

Company Data refers to the company’s characteristics and company’s behavior information. It is used by investors and sales teams for analysis and to improve your business performance. Company Data is helping to identify new investment opportunities and lead scoring.

Company Registry Data

Company Registry Data provides information about companies such as company name, locations, services. This data helps to categorize the company on the basis of their names or services or locations. It is used for statistical analysis of any business population or any other information which relates to the company or businesses.

Firmographic Data

Firmographic is also known as demographics. Firmographic Data is the information that describes the characteristics of the firm. It is mostly used by marketers and sales teams. Firmographic Data is also used to categorize organizations as per their information such as geographic area. It is used to drive targeted marketing campaigns.

Job Posting Data

Job Posting Data is gathered from the thousands of job postings that are put up on a daily basis. Job Posting Data can be categorized as per their key aspects such as salary, locations, job type. It is used by companies and businesses to provide information to job seekers and also by them, who are looking for the best place to post their job.

Private Company Data

Private Company Data is the information of non-listed companies, which are not easy to get. This data is used by companies for venture capital, private equity, mergers, and acquisitions.<br /> With the help of these data, companies can make decisions regarding future investments. It collects from the company's website or company's partner website and from other general news sources.

Salary Data

Salary Data is also known as Income Data. It is related to employment and job contracts. Salary Data provides the employee's earnings or any specific group earning information. It is collected from surveys or payroll reports. In this data job title, the number of employees, employees name, average salaries also included.

Technographic Data

Technographic is the combined word of “Technology” and “Demographics”. Technographic Data determines the current technological aspects and its use of the firm. Marketers and the sales team used it. It provides information about the company and its technological stack. Technographic are the next step after demographics for the business expansion. This data helps to improve results in marketing and sales efforts.
How to Use B2b Data?

Example of the Most Common Use Cases for B2B Data

B2B Data is useful to identify targeting business agencies, thus companies can make decisions about future targets. It also increases the sales of products and services by targeting businesses.
B2B data helps to understand all the key aspects of the competitive business as well as the targeted audience. This will help you to prioritize your audience and expand future campaigns.
This data is gathered from various sources so there are B2B Data providers offering you complete and accurate databases so Data quality is maintained easily.

With the help of B2B Data, you achieve your targeted audience, so it also Boosts the engagement of the targeted audience.

Qualitative B2B Data may pull from thousands of sources, which provides you a single platform from which you can access the intelligence you need.

With the help of targeted audiences, it’s easy to do marketing of your services and you can boost your sales as well as gain a wide range of audiences. In this way data helps you to become an effective campaign marketer.

Examples of B2B Data Attributes

Typical B2B Data Attributes

  • Firmographic Data
  • Technographic Data
  • Intent Data
  • Contact Data
  • Engagement Data
  • Accounts Data

Most Common Use Cases For B2b Data

  • Account-based marketing (ABM)
  • B2B Marketing
  • Lead Prioritization
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