Geospatial Data

Geospatial Data refers to the facts of an object or a region located on the Earth’s surface.

Commerce Data

Commerce is the trade among economic agents on a large scale.

Financial Market Data

Financial Market Data refers to the exchange of securities.

Consumer Data

Consumer Data provides all information about consumers including consumer’s behavioral, personal, and demographic data.

B2B Data

B2B Data provides the firmographic information related to the Business to Business interactions.

Transport and Logistics Data

Transport and Logistics Data provide all information about supply chains from the point of contact with a supplier to with a consumer.

Environmental Data

Environmental Data provides information related to the state of our planet and its conditions.

Identity Data

Identity Data is the storage of information of an individual or group or organization.

Real Estate Data

Real Estate Data refers to the housing, commercial, properties, current market data.

Energy Data

Energy Data provides the information of all Energy consumption sources.

Web Data

Web Data is the information of the analytics of a website or any application’s online performance.

Legal Data

Legal Data means that type of information, which is related to the law, and attorney data.

Entertainment Data

Entertainment Data provides the information of that service, which entertains people by its strong strategy.

Mobile App Data

Mobile App Data provides the information related to the application or app, which runs on a mobile device.

Healthcare Data

Healthcare Data provides the information regarding the Healthcare providers.

Industry Data

Industry Data refers to the information of economic activities drivers.

Political Data

Political Data provides information about people’s views on politics and their number of votes around the world.

Hospital, Travel & Tourism Data

This refers to the information of market trends and developments of business travel, accommodation, and restaurant market.

Credit Rating Data

Credit Rating Data is the quantitative assessment of the creditworthiness of particular debt or financial obligations.
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