Best Healthcare Datasets

What is Healthcare Data?

Healthcare Data provides information regarding the Healthcare providers. It refers to the information, which is collected by the healthcare industry. Healthcare Data mostly used by pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals.
It collects from various sources to optimize patient care. Patient behavior analyses are included in Healthcare Data. This data improves communication between patients and healthcare providers. Healthcare Data helps to solve global problems of combating existing diseases.
To reduce workload, the Healthcare department must analyze all the data, so they can make the work strategy based on the organization’s workflows. By using this data one can increase the profit of the agency.

Subcategories of Healthcare Data:

  • Clinical Data
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) Data
  • Healthcare Provider (HCP) Data
  • Medical Claims Data
  • Medical Imagery Data
  • Patient Data
  • Pharma Data
  • Telemedicine Data
  • Wearables Data
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What are the Most Common Types of Healthcare Data?

Clinical Data

Clinical Data is also known as Medical Data. Clinical Data provides all the information related to the patient’s health care. This information is based on the patient’s diseases. The data which gather all personal and health data are used by medical professionals and academics to analyze. Medical practitioners use this data to keep a record of their patient’s health.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Data

Electronic Health Record (EHR) is the data that provides a patient’s health-related data in a digital form. It contains all the data digitally such as medical history, personal information, and medical condition. It benefited to research any time anywhere because it is available digitally.

Healthcare Provider (HCP) Data

Healthcare Provider (HCP) Data refers to all the certified healthcare providers in the market like medical services, pharmaceutical services, etc. It is useful for marketers to analyze the healthcare provider locations and services in the market. With the help of this data, they can measure the HCP and decide to improve their services.

Medical Claims Data

Medical Claims Data is also known as administrative data. It provides detailed information on the doctor’s medical claims such as healthcare reports, appointments, bills, and more. It is a large-scale electronic health record (EHR). It helps to analyze data and to make improvements in the healthcare providing system.

Medical Imagery Data

Medical Imagery Data is the data that refers to such a type of image that is related to the human body. In medical imagery, all the body parts and diseases are to be presented by image including the healthiest body to the injured body. Medical professionals used this data to diagnose or used by researchers to make research on the human body.

Patient Data

Patient Data provides the information of any patient’s personal information that takes treatment under the medical organization. The patient’s name, diseases, treatment, patient history, and behavior & lifestyle are included in the patient data. It is used by medical professionals to manage diagnosis with a medical issue. It is also used by businesses to make market research of healthcare and medical solutions.

Pharma Data

Pharma Data refer to the clinic data as well as patient data. Pharma Data provides detailed information about medical records, disease outbreaks, demographics, insurance cover, etc to the pharmaceuticals companies. This data is gathered for the purpose that the patient receives the right prescriptions at the time they need it.

Telemedicine Data

Telemedicine Data is the information of that medical practitioner, who diagnoses and treats a patient without their physical visit needed by using technology. It is used to improve both patients and professional’s health care services. By using these data health service providers monitor patient’s health remotely.

Wearables Data

Wearables Data provide the information of those products and devices, which can be worn by individuals to maintain their health and fitness such as pedometer, and heart rate monitors. This data is used by the marketers to do marketing of Wearable products. With this data, they can analyze the wearer’s health improvements and can increase their product quality.
How to Use Healthcare Data?

Example of the Most Common Use Cases for healthcare Data

Healthcare Data is beneficial to drive patient’s health improvement by analyzing patient’s diseases. Professionals can use this data to provide the best treatment to the patient by patient health analysis. Researchers also use healthcare data for the research process. Research can help to improve treatment services and the development of a healthcare organization by providing the best healthcare services.
A manufacturer who creates the healthcare contents can make improvements in product creation to solve health issues. The professionals determine the gaps of healthcare providers in the market and try to fulfill those gaps. An Individual can also use this data to find the best healthcare service provider or best health care products.
Doctors and Professionals can also analyze the patient’s outcomes and make improvements in their operational efficiency. This data helps doctors and researchers to identify real diagnoses of patients and treatment. It also helps to increase the overall quality of patient care by deeper insights into specific conditions.
Examples of Healthcare Data Attributes

Typical Healthcare Data Attributes:

In the healthcare data attributes many aspects are included. Healthcare data provides claims data information which includes patient demographic, service date, service cost, etc. healthcare data are collected in various forms such as surveys and patients reported outcomes.
Nowadays EHR data are also available. Healthcare data allows organizations to enhance health outcomes. By gathering this data companies can analyze profiles and demographics. They can access hospital’s claims to create targeted campaigns for certain health conditions.
In short, healthcare data is helpful to understand the healthcare industry, as well as identify problems and find innovative solutions that reduce cost.

Similar Data Types

  • Environment Data
  • B2B Data
  • Energy Data
  • Real Estate Data
  • Geospatial Data

Most Common Use Cases For Healthcare Data

  • Analytics
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