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What is Identity Data?

Identity Data is the storage of information of an individual or group or organization. In this dataset, a person’s full name, address, contacts, employment status are included. It is used by marketers to identify their target groups or people. They can analyze lots of different identities in one profile using Identity Data.
Identity Data helps to identify a particular person or group of people, devices. Identity Data is created as a “Source of Truth” data and it is able to verify it. It is one type of truth document. From the web browsing software algorithms help, you can collect the Identity Data.
In today’s era, choices and needs are different for every person so satisfying all the customers is becoming hard. So in this case every business needs Identity Data to make a segmentation of their targeted customer so they do target-based marketing. We provide Identity Data on a very large scale. We also maintain the identifier’s data privacy and do not share it with others. 

Subcategories of Identity Data:

  • Consumer Identity Data
  • Cross-Device Identity Data
  • Deterministic Identity Data
  • Identity Graph Data
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What are the Most Common Types of Identity Data?

Consumer Identity Data

Consumer Identity Data provides you with information on specific consumer’s profiles. It includes the device ID of a specific user. Through this data, Marketers can identify the right person, monitor consumer's behavior. Marketers can find important marketing solutions with the help of Consumer Identity Data.

Deterministic Identity Data

Deterministic Identity Data provides the ground truth of any person or group. It is a digital fact of a person. These data are gathers for a granular custom segment. The segmentation makes the market strategy easy. This data helps to direct links to targeted people.

Cross-Device Identity Data

Cross-Device Identity Data refers to all connected devices and channels with the specific person. This data includes an individual's contact detail, device detail, online behavior, purchase behavior, internet searches, and also social media preferences and activities.<br /> This data helps the advertiser and marketer to understand and utilize customer’s preferences. So they can try to improve customers' experience outcomes.

Identity Graph Data

Identity Graph Data makes an interrelation between all identifiers, Who connected with individual customers. It contains digital devices and digital identities, which include the phone number, username, email ID, physical address, uses, cookies. ID graphs provide you demographics, geographic, behavioral, and other data of customers so Marketers and advertisers can enhance customers' experience.
How to Use Identity Data?

Example of the Most Common Use Cases for Identity Data

The Identity Data used to improve identity management. Marketers can monitor the varied customer’s preferences and can design Identity graphs so identity resolution is made easily. If marketers have these data then perfect identification of a particular person can be done. So they can do marketing activities with targeted audiences
Once a product provider gets to know the customer behavior, preferences, behavior changes, they can try to increase customer experience. And more strategies are implied to satisfy customer’s needs by personalized customer service.
Examples of Identity Data Attributes

Typical Identity Data Attributes:

Identity Data is the data of personal identifiers that generally are used to separate one person from another person. Individual personal information like name, address, date of birth are included. Contact details include a person’s location, email, phone number, and fax. Identity Data also provides transaction data, which includes credit/ debit card details and modes of payment. Lastly in this data Ad interaction details, which show how customers interact with ads.

Similar Data Types

  • Environmental Data
  • B2B Data
  • Energy Data
  • Real Estate Data
  • Geospatial Data

Most Common Use Cases For Identity Data

  • Identity Resolution
  • Data Onboarding
  • Data Enrichment
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