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What is Industry Data?

Industry Data refers to the information of economic activity drivers. In the industry data, there is retail industry data, real estate data, and energy data are included. These data are used by stakeholders and investors for the purpose to gain industry intelligence by analyzing it.
Industry Data means that data related to the exploration and production of the industrial product, which is encoded, gathered, and made available for distribution by the data suppliers through the Strata Web Software.
If you want to look at the economic impact of certain businesses, first you need to look at industry data. Manually collecting all the industry data is not possible because the industry is run on a very large scale, so there is a large amount of data available under the various departments. We collect all the department’s data by monitoring them. You can contact us to gather a large amount of Industry Data. This data can help to develop the industry by analyzing industrial problems and work.

Subcategories of Industry Data:

  • Agriculture Data
  • AI & ML Training Data
  • Automotive Data
  • Cyber Risk Data
  • Education Industry Data
  • IoT Data
  • Open Data
  • Research Data
  • Telecom Data
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What are the Most Common Types of Industry Data?

Agriculture Data

Agriculture Data provides all information related to agriculture. It includes detailed information on growing crops, rearing animals, managing land, etc. Agriculture Data is used to understand crop production and to provide crops to the number of people in the world. It helps to understand farmland areas to maximize production potential.

AI & ML Training Data

AI & ML Training Data is the information that enables the training of machines. This data is used by developers and engineers to train their AI devices to make better predictions. This process makes the technology more efficient and reliable.

Automotive Data

Automotive Data refers to information about vehicles and their users. In this data cars and other vehicles, data are included. This data is mostly used by the government to make safer city planning and also used by car dealerships. It is used to increase driving experience, road safety and to reduce fuel consumption.

Cyber Risk Data

Cyber Risk Data refers to the information of historical cyber attacks and data breaches. It also predicts future breaches. With the help of this data businesses and organizations can save their data from cyber risk by risk assessment and digital hygiene analysis.

Education Industry Data

Education Industry Data provides the information of certified educational institutions in the specific area. In this data public, private, certified educational institute data are included. Marketers use this data to make advertisements for their educational service. It is also used to improve educational quality provided by local authorities.

IoT Data

IoT Data provides the information of devices and objects, which are connected with sensors and other devices that we surround with. It is used by product teams and surveillance to monitor the user research, securities, and tracking system. Businesses are also using this data to analyze consumer behavior with inter-connected products.

Open Data

Open Data means the data we get free without any restrictions. It provides the information of that data which is available to the general public freely and they can access the data without any restrictions. Open government data allows citizens to access it. It helps small businesses to grow.

Research Data

Research Data gathered from surveys or the existing research analysis. Research data means that data, which provides deep insight into a particular object or in trade. It is mostly usable in market research. Market research is used by marketers to increase marketing intelligence by analyzing market trends.

Telecom Data

Telecom Data provides the information of mobile operators and users. This data provides deep insights into varied ways such as mobile usage, time, locations, call detail, and social networks. Telecom data is mostly used by marketers and insurance companies to analyze consumer behavior and to prevent fraud.
How to Use Industry Data?

Example of the Most Common Use Cases for Industry Data

Industry Data provides you all information of its components, industry performance, and more information. Whatever you want to know about the industry that you can get to know with help of industry data. It is also useful for machine learning.
It helps to improve machine algorithms that analyze data. The analysis of data can improve decision-making and strategy expansion. It is used to work with specific industrial data by accurate and qualitative data.
Examples of Industry Data Attributes

Typical Industry Data Attributes:

The Industry Data includes the varied features of the industry. It provides detailed information about required resources such as labor, finance, competition level, barriers, and other sectors. Typical industry database attributes provide information on competitive advantages and industry life cycle.
Industry data plays a very important part in your role as a trade body. The research made on the industry market can provide deep insight and this analysis can change the industrial environment into better condition.

Similar Data Types

  • Environment Data
  • B2B Data
  • Energy Data
  • Real Estate Data
  • Geospatial Data

Most Common Use Cases For Industry Data

  • Machine Learning (ML)
  • Tire Condition Analysis
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