The Ultimate Guide to the Kohl’s Store location USA in 2021

Kohl’s is an American department store retail chain. It operates by Kohl’s corporation. Kohl’s is headquartered in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, US. There are more than 85,000 employees working at Kohls. It was the largest department store retail chain in the United States with 1,158 locations in 2013.

Here, we display the Kohl’s Locations USA map. Each grid point in this map shows the Kohl’s Store Locations. You can download the complete Kohl’s Locations list of all 1,162 locations data as an Excel file, along with geocoded address, phone numbers, and open hours from our data store.

Kohl's Store Locations USA

Download the Complete Database of Kohl’s Store Locations in US

You can download the complete list of 1,162 Kohls location data as an Excel file, along with geo-coded address, phone numbers, and open hours from our data store.

Kohl’s is the virtual mega retail mall that brings to you a wide variety of lifestyle products from some of the leading brands of the world. There are varied departments available in Kohl’s Store such as Health & Wellness, Bed & Bath, Electronics, Furniture, Jewelry & Accessories, Beauty Products, Active & Fitness, Clearance, and many more

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Web Scrape Provides This Information In Its Complete Dataset:
  • Kohl’s number of location in the USA
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  • List of Kohl’s Stores on a map
  • Kohl’s number of stores
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  • Kohl’s location database
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  • And much more.

How many Kohl’s stores are there in the United states?

There are a total of 1,162 locations of Kohl’s in 49 States and 958 Cities. The top state with the most number of Kohl’s Store Locations in the US is California. It has 117 Locations, which is 10% of all Kohl’s Store Locations in America..

Due to COVID-19, some of the locations may be temporarily closed.

Top State with The Most Kohl’s Number Of Locations in the US
  • Kohl’s Locations California has 117 Stores, which is 10% of the total number of Kohl’s Store locations.
  • Kohl’s Locations in Texas has 84 Stores, which is 7% of the total number of Kohl’s Store locations.
  • Kohl’s Location Illinois has 66 Stores, which is 5% of the total number of Kohl’s Store locations.

These 7 US States and Territories do not have any Kohl’s locations – Hawaii, U.S. Virgin Islands, District of Columbia, Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico, and American Samoa.

Top 10 Cities with the most number of Kohl’s Store Locations in the US
City State/Territory Kohl’s Store Locations
Saint Paul Minnesota 5
Indianapolis Indiana 5
Las Vegas Nevada 5
Cincinnati Ohio 5
Minneapolis Minnesota 5
Houston Texas 5
Phoenix Arizona 4
Louisville Kentucky 4
Milwaukee Wisconsin 4
Birmingham Alabama 3
List of Data Fields:

In Kohl’s Store Locations Dataset, We Include These Fields:

  • Store Name
  • Store Number
  • Status
  • Street
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Country
  • Phone Number
  • Fax
  • Banner
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Direction URL
  • Address
  • Provider
  • Email
  • Open Hours
  • URL
  • Stock Ticker
  • Last Updated Date
  • And More.

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