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What is Consumer Data?

Consumer Data provides all information about consumers including consumer’s behavioral, personal, and demographic data. Consumer Data is collected by the marketing firms for their different purposes. Consumer Data is gathered with a view to analyzing consumers and making effective strategies, from which consumers get satisfaction.
Companies collect these data to make efficient decisions and for profit maximization. With the help of Consumer Data, businesses and retailers modify consumer’s insights and understand them. So they can make new important decisions to fulfill consumer’s requirements, which also attracts consumers and gets them satisfaction.
In today’s interconnected world, Consumer Data is important to gain more profit and more consumers to expand your business. We are one of the best Consumer Data providers across the globe. We collect all data from various sources and store it in a well-structured format, which is understandable so you can analyze it easily.

Subcategories of Consumer Data:

  • Audience Data
  • Clickstream Data
  • Consumer Credit Rating Data
  • Consumer Identity Data
  • Consumer Marketing Data
  • Consumer Panel Data
  • Consumer Purchase Data
  • Demographic Data
  • Mobile Audience Data
  • Ownership Data
  • Psychographic Data
  • Purchase Intent Data
  • Social Media Data
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What are the Most Common Types of Consumer Data?

Audience Data

Audience Data is detailed information of your targeted audience’s online behavior. Audience data helps to separate audiences on the basis of demographic and behavioral intelligence. This data is mostly used by companies for various marketing and advertising purposes.

Clickstream Data

Clickstream Data provides information about visitors of a website, the hyperlinks which visitors follow. These data were used to understand consumer’s online behavior. It is mostly used by marketers for Web traffic analysis and also consumer behavior analysis. These data are important to monitor users.

Credit Ranking Data

Consumer Credit Ranking Data provides the information about credit taken by consumers to purchase any goods. These data used in statistical and analytics aims to assess the risk of consumer lending. It is helpful to the analysts to make risk-management decisions for the future.

Consumer Identity Data

Consumer Identity Data refers to a specific user profile. With the help of these data, marketers can identify the right and targeted consumers. Consumer Identity Data is just used for the identification of consumers that links only impersonal information like consumer behavior, consumer’s carrier, etc.

Consumer Marketing Data

Consumer Marketing Data refers to B2C marketers to understand their targeted audience. These data are used for increasing conversation by messaging. It helps to better understand consumer’s demographic and behavioral insights. It used to enhance B2C marketing strategy.

Consumer Panel Data

Consumer Panel Data unlock your consumer’s behavior patterns and provide deeper insight. The Consumer Panel is a selected group of individuals to provide input and opinion. It helps retailers to recognize purchasing trends. It is collected by Point of sale surveys. It is mostly used by vendors and retailers.

Consumer Purchase Data

Consumer Purchase Data collected from the consumer’s buying history. This data helps retailers about future predictions of purchase of any product or service by the consumers. It is used for account-based marketing, targeted advertising, to build targeted accounts lists, and to assess how far they are into the buyer journey.

Demographic Data

Demographic Data provides all characteristics information related to the targeted consumers like consumer’s age, gender, home locations, contacts, etc. It is used by marketers and analysts for audience segmentations. It is statistical knowledge to bring efficiency and product development.

Mobile Audience Data

Mobile Audience Data is used by companies who want to understand and visualize their consumers. It targeted the data of the audience to obtain definite mobile goals. These data are collected by the cookies, cache, audience datasets, and APIs. It used to understand how to advertise online to specific audiences.

Ownership Data

Ownership Data refers to all tangible assets of any individual like home, products, and vehicles. It is mostly used by marketers, investors, and advertisers. They used Ownership Data for gaining customer-related information and also for target-based marketing. Governments also use these data to assess the present living standard of the community.

Psychographic Data

Psychographic Data provides information about the customers, who purchase the goods and services. This data includes customer’s tastes, preferences, buying habits, attitudes, and values. It is used by companies and businesses to gain the best buying experience for their customers.

Purchase Intent Data

Purchase Intent Data refers to the data of customers on what products they like to spend more money on. It is mostly used by companies and businesses to create their profile as well as customers. It helps to form new marketing strategies and for market segments.

Social Media Data

Social Media Data provides information about customer’s online behavior. These data are used by marketers, professionals, and agencies for the testing of consumer’s real-time choices, to view engage with company's profiles and content, and to manage companies' brands in public.
How to Use Consumer Data?

Example of the Most Common Use Cases for Consumer Data

Many companies use Consumer Data to make targeted marketing and advertising. It is also used in consumer segmentation by consumer’s varied quality. Businesses can expand their business growth by making future predictions and by taking important decisions for the maximization of profitability.
Consumer Data provides sales opportunities also, so businesses can also increase their sales. With the help of Consumer Data, businesses and retailers can modify their consumers and better understand them by analyzing consumer’s behavior and reviews and feedback. So they can make the right decisions about their services. 
The targeted marketing and increasing sales drive the business to gain competitive advantages. Businesses make more effective strategies for fulfilling their customers’ demands and make attractive business deals, which attract consumers and gain massive consumer lists.
Examples of Consumer Data Attributes

Typical Consumer Data Attributes

In the Consumer Data, there are limitless details provided of the consumer. This data includes the consumer’s name, consumer’s age, gender, home location, loyalty level, contact details, shopping habits, online behavior, and other very basic details.
Some of the firms collect information about an individual’s family, financial positions, and personal interests. The more you know about consumers, the better you connect with them.

Most Common Use Cases For Consumer Data

  • Marketing
  • Audience Targeting
  • Audience Segmentations
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